What makes SES stand out is our unwavering commitment to Lifecycle Engineering – our ability to oversee every stage of the contract with immense expertise. From concept to completion, SES has the capacity to expertly manage every detail of the project. Our all-encompassing services include design, procurement, build, installation, commissioning and testing. SES is infinitely committed to every stage of the project lifecycle.

Irrespective of scale or complexity, our experienced team of engineers can identify the most effective wastewater treatment solutions.

Whether you are a small or large-scale commercial property developer, business owner, municipal or industrial user, SESs wastewater solutions are designed to meet your needs.

SES designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of wastewater treatment plants, from small domestic to large-scale modular systems.

Our bespoke solutions are tailored to your exact requirements and will effortlessly deal with all your wastewater demands, while our cutting-edge, ‘off-the-shelf’ package plants offer environmentally-friendly, legislation-compliant solutions that are simple to install, easy to live with and economical to maintain.


Our package plants are pre-designed for use in domestic properties, from single dwellings to small groups of houses, with a population of 1-60 persons

Medium to Large

Our bespoke solutions are designed to meet the needs of commercial developments of up to 3,000 people


We will design and manufacture a wastewater system that answers your specification, no matter how demanding or how large the throughput

Pumping Stations Service, Repair & Maintenance

Pump stations are vital in transferring large volumes of waste or surface water from one point to another.

Bio Disk

A disc or Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) sewage treatment plant can be all three stages housed in one tank or separate stages in different tanks, depending on the size of the plant.

Aeration & Media Treatment Plants

Wastewater aeration is the process of adding air to assist the aerobic microorganisms in the consumption of pollutants

Oil & Water Interceptors

Oil interceptors work by separating the oil from the water and function as a trap for rainwater runoff from different sources

Sewerage Tanker Services

With a fleet of tankers in a range of different sizes, we efficiently and carefully access your property, even if it’s in the most distant or rural location.

Septic & Cess Tanks

Septic tanks need emptying periodically, whereas sewage treatment tanks are much more complicated and need maintenance, as they have serviceable parts

Drainage Issues

The most common of all property drainage problems are: Downspouts And Gutters That Were Improperly Installed

CCTV Surveys

CCTV drainage surveys are vital to planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programmes

High pressure Jetting Services

Can also be used as a method of maintaining drains to ensure they remain free from obstruction

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