Clean Water Services

We offer a range of clean water services which you can find out more about here

Booster Set Services

Water booster pumps are an essential component in the delivery of water at usable pressures to high rise commercial, public sector and residential properties.

Water Tank Chlorination

New mains chlorination is important in order to maintain quality of the mains drinking water supply. 

Swimming Pool Plant Maintenance Services

Whether your swimming pool or spa is brand new or has been established for years, it will benefit enormously from regular professional swimming pool servicing.

Rain Harvesting

Since our inception SES has been the UK distributor for leading manufacturers

Legionella Testing Services & Management

SES provides simple, tailored legionella testing risk assessments for commercial, industrial & residential landlords and small commercial enterprises.

Laboratory Sampling Services

If your risk assessment or routine monitoring shows that your water needs to be tested for legionella, we can guide you through the process and give advice on collecting samples.

Water softeners & filtration systems

Industrial water softeners remove excess minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, to a specified and monitored level to continue the industrial process. The process of industrial water purification and softening, takes water that is un-fit for industrial use, and turns it into water that is free of sediment and contaminants, with the correct pH balance.

Rain Harvesting

Making rainwater work for you

Water has never been in higher demand – climate change, a growing population and shifting user habits mean we are consuming more of it than ever.

Our temperate climate in the UK leads many people to think we will always have an abundant supply of freshwater, yet increasingly erratic weather systems mean that, often, we either have an over-supply or a drought.

Harvesting rainwater can help in both these situations, as well as making sensible use of a free resource that does not need to be mains water quality.

With water charges increasing year on year and forthcoming regulatory changes indicating that over 90% of UK homes will soon have their water usage metered; it makes sound financial as well as environmental sense to get rainwater working for you.

rain harvesting

In the home, the average person uses 150 litres of water every day. Around 50% of this does not need to be mains water quality (for example, for flushing the toilet, operating the washing machine, watering the garden or washing the car).

Installing one of SES’s rainwater harvesting systems can reduce your mains water usage by around 50%, enabling you to use recycled rainwater without any inconvenience, resulting in considerable savings on your household water bill. The same is true for businesses, where water usage can often be particularly high.

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