Wastewater Treatment

SES has a proven track record in technical excellence and expert project management. We view our role as partner rather than simply supplier. At SES we offer a range of wastewater treatment services such as mechanical and electrical engineering, minor civil works and process solutions. We provide a complete turnkey package.

SES have an impressive portfolio of wastewater treatment services ranging from complete refurbishments to bespoke packages covering municipal, industrial and domestic sectors.

We feel that each project deserves an allocated team of specialists responsible for design, procurement and complete project management. As part of the SES quality management system, our expert design team use state-of-the-art technology and advanced processes to develop quality approved wastewater treatment packages.


Wastewater Treatment Services

What makes SES stand out is our unwavering commitment to Lifecycle Engineering - our ability to oversee every stage of the contract with immense expertise. From concept to completion, SES has the capacity to expertly manage every detail of the project. Our all-encompassing services include design, procurement, build, installation, commissioning and testing. SES is infinitely committed to every stage of the project lifecycle.

Irrespective of scale or complexity, our experienced team of engineers can identify the most effective wastewater treatment solutions.


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Wastewater Treatment Hampshire Wastewater Treatment Hampshire Wastewater Treatment Services
Wastewater Treatment Services Wastewater Treatment Hampshire Wastewater Treatment Services














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